[alert type=”info” close=”no” text=”This guide is designed for the Counterpath Bria Softphone for the iPhone OSx. Setup on other iPhone versions are very similar but may differ in some minor respects.”]


Download the Bria app


You can download the Bria VoIP app directly through your iPhone using the App Store, or via iTunes running on your PC. The Bria app costs $7.99 as of the time of this writing.




Start the Bria App



after the app started you need to configure the account to connect to astervox.




add in:

Account Name: astervox

Display as: your caller ID (in this format: 603XXXXXXXX)

username: your extension details

password: your password

domain: voip.astervox.com

voicemail: *97

make sure your password is 100% correct or your ip address will be blocked.

enable the account and make a test call.




if you are using any softphone you need to purchase / add on the g729 Audio codec.



make sure you set the audio codecs as in this picture




make sure you enable to use the mobile data network as well allow the app to run in the background