Teamviewer Installation Manual


To effectively and quickly support phones that cannot make or receive calls it’s important that our astervox engineers can remotely access your phones and network to do the necessary troubleshooting. To do so you need to install a software on any of your desktops or notebooks connected to your office / phone network. The software for this is called Teamviewer and you can download it free of charge from:


This software will allow us to remote control the desktop / notebook where team viewer is running.  For our engineers it will be the same as be physically present at your office 걸 그룹 뮤직 비디오.


PLEASE NOTE: we can only control your desktop / notebook when you allow us to. Every time you start team viewer you need to send us the session identification and password, which is changing with all sessions. We will explain the details in the next steps 슈로대t 다운로드.

1. Download and Install Teamviewer

In case you already installed Teamviewer you can go directly to Step 2

Open a browser and key in: into your address field 다운로드. You should see following website (or similar):


Click on the green “Download” button and the download for your respective operating system should start automatically:


1.1 Installation for MAC

A file called teamviewer.dmg is downloaded 다운로드. After the download is done double click the downloaded file.

You will see a screen like this:




Double click the box icon 윈도우 10 디스크 이미지 다운로드.



Click continue



 Click “Agree”



 Click “Install”




Key in your Mac administration password and select “Install Software”




After the installation has completed you will see following screen:




Your Done with the installation 옵티머스 g kdz 다운로드. Click “Close”  Go to Step 2: Start TeamViewer and provide remote access


1.2 Installation for Windows


A file called TeamViewer_Setup.exe is downloaded 다운로드. After the download is done double click the downloaded file.

You will see a screen like this:



Click “Run” and you will get to this screen (some windows installation will ask you if you all this installation 중국어 강좌 다운로드. If so please confirm).



Just leave all the default settings and click “Accpet – finish” 십자가 다운로드. The installation will run and at the TeamViewer will start automatically.


2 태극천자문 다운로드. Start TeamViewer


Whenever you need the assistance of our engineers they will ask you to provide TeamViewer access. To do so just click on the TeamViever Icon on your MAC or Windows PC / Notebook:



After double clicking on the icon you will see the following screen:



After you shared  your ID and Password our engineer will take over control of  the PC / Notebook on which you started TeamViewer and can start troubleshooting your problem as he would be present at your office.




3. Stop TeamViewer


As soon the troubleshooting session is over you need to quit the TeamViewer as you would close any other MAC or Windows application.


Attention: make sure you actually close / quit TeamViewer and not just put the app in the background!


After you quit TeamViewer no on can remotely access your PC / Notebook.

If you need to provide remote access again simply start TeamViever again and communicate  your ID and Password as  described in Chapter 2.




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